Etudes de nu

Holding a copy of Germaine Krull’s Etudes de nu in your hands is a special event. The book (Librairie des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1930) is a rare find, with few copies available in public collections and even fewer coming up for auction. Those that do appear on the block can go for princely sums, some in the neighborhood of $10,000. Given the scarcity of the book, I was quite excited to find a copy just a couple hours away in the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries at the Art … Read more.

Left Behind: Life and Death on the U.S. Border

Check out my review of Jonathan Hollingsworth’s new book, Left Behind: Life and Death on the U.S. Border (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2012) that appears on the Fraction Magazine site. In Left Behind, it’s interesting to see connections in Jonathan’s two books; this newest work as well as his first book, What We Think Now (self-published, 2006), both have to do with what it means to be/become American. In What We Think Now, this becoming plays out in time, with Hollingsworth giving stage to young Americans’ thoughts about … Read more.