Life’s a Beach

Published in 2012, the limited edition of Life’s a Beach, with photographs by Martin Parr, made several best-of-the-year lists. The limited edition (copublished by Aperture Foundation and Editions Xavier Barral) is a wonder; you can watch Parr give a delightful walk-through of it here if you haven’t had the pleasure of holding it yourself. The book offers a near perfect combination of content, design, and production that magically recreates the intimacy and tactility of a family album.

In May 2013, Aperture Foundation published its “mini edition” of … Read more.

Left Behind: Life and Death on the U.S. Border

Check out my review of Jonathan Hollingsworth’s new book, Left Behind: Life and Death on the U.S. Border (Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2012) that appears on the Fraction Magazine site. In Left Behind, it’s interesting to see connections in Jonathan’s two books; this newest work as well as his first book, What We Think Now (self-published, 2006), both have to do with what it means to be/become American. In What We Think Now, this becoming plays out in time, with Hollingsworth giving stage to young Americans’ thoughts about … Read more.