John Gossage

In 1983 John Gossage was invited to photograph in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

"Abdullah asked me what I might like to see in the kingdom. I told him I would like to take some photographs out in the desert."

"Abdullah said, 'You know there is nothing out there.'"

"Yeah, that was sort of what I was looking for."

November 2014

7 x 9 inches
Double-fold, clothbound
Two 32-page booklets
84-inch foldout
72 duotone plates

ISBN 978-1-939932-02-0

The limited edition includes a signed, numbered, and mounted hand-printed silver gelatin print, plus a copy of the book, both in a handmade, clothbound clamshell case. Edition limited to 10 copies.

About Nothing

John Gossage made the images in Nothing during a month-long visit to The Kingdom in 1983 when he was the guest of a Saudi prince. Describing Nothing, Gossage said, “You can sometimes go so far from home, and what you know, that your pictures have to teach you what they are about. In this case that process took almost thirty years.”

It might be said that these photographs are about where a different place started.


About John Gossage

John Gossage is the creator of several influential photobooks, including The Pond, Berlin in the Time of the Wall, and The Code. He is a 2012 recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship.